Online Slot Myths Debunked 

Online slots are strange things. The players who enjoy them have to trust that everything is working as it should be, that the RNG (random number generator) system is exactly what it is meant to be, and that the whole thing is not rigged in some way. Yet despite these potential concerns, people do still play – they play a lot. And they want to win, even though the odds are against them, as they are in any kind of casino game. 

Because of the popularity of online slots at Topp Spilleautomater, many myths have grown up around them, and some of these are so ingrained into people’s minds that, even though they aren’t true, these players use the principles of the myths to persuade themselves to keep playing even when they shouldn’t. Read on to find out what some of these online slot myths are, and what the truth really is. 

Slot Games Can Be Due A Win

Have you ever kept playing at a slot machine or online slot because, despite the fact that you are losing every time, you feel the slot is ‘due a win’ and is sure to pay out for you at some point? Most people have felt this during their time playing, and that’s where the problems can start; they’ll put far too much money into the machine because they are absolutely convinced they are going to win it all back and then some if only they play for long enough. 

This is not how slots work. They are programmed with a random number generator (RNG) system which means, as the name suggests, the symbols fall utterly randomly each time. They cannot be predicted, and the slot definitely doesn’t know whether or not it’s ‘due’ a win. The random nature of the game means this can’t be programmed. 

Land Based Slots Are Better Payers Than Online Slots

Another online slot myths is that the physical, land based machines pay out more often and with higher amounts, so it’s better to play these than online slots. Again, this isn’t true; both types of slots use the RNG system, so neither is ‘better’ than the other. Your chances of winning are the same. 

Regarding the amount that can be paid out, that will be determined by the game and nothing else. Some jackpots are higher because they’re linked or progressive, for example, and some, if they are only matched to one game, will be smaller. 

Slot Games Pay Out At Certain Times Of Day

The idea that it’s better to play slot at certain times of the day because there is more chance of winning then is one that may have come from the world of bingo. In online bingo, it is definitely best to play at ‘off peak’ times, since the fewer people in the game, the more chances you have to win. 

Slots are different, and although this method will work for bingo, for slots it makes no difference to your chances of winning if you are playing in the morning on your way to work, at lunch time, or just before you go to bed. Again, it’s all down the RNG system. It’s random at all times of the day, which is why there is no good or bad time to play online slots; it’s all the same in terms of your chances of winning.

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